Episode 15 – Nate’s Boston Build-up
Episode 15 – Nate’s Boston Build-up avatar

In this episode we hear Brian’s St. Louis Marathon recap and talk to Nate Brown (@beastmoderunnin) who is training for his first Boston Marathon on April 20th. Learn how Nate made a childhood dream a reality, in less than two years, through determination and hard work. He shares what has worked for him and what he has learned about marathoning.

Learn more about Nate and his team at beastmoderunning.com


  • Debby Thomas

    Great interview with Nathan Brown . His story and goals are very inspirational . I know his 6 yr. old daughter is going to be waiting for her Daddy at the finish line !!!! I’m excited for Nathan and his family as they all experience the Boston Marathon for the first time . Best of Luck Nathan !!!

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