Episode 14 – Karin Goes Couch to 10k to Sprints?!
Episode 14 – Karin Goes Couch to 10k to Sprints?! avatar

KarinBeforeKarinAfterThis week the guys switch gears and bring on a sprinter from North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Karin Femi (@LooseLeafRunner) never ran growing up and suffered from knee pain as an adult. On a whim, she did a 1k fun run and found she like it. So, Karin did what most runners do — she tried a longer race, the 10k. Karin quickly found that her talent and passion were for shorter distances. She connected with a sprint club and hasn’t stopped sprinting. Karin is now chasing her dream of qualifying for the Canadian Track & Field Championships in the 100m and 200m! Karin also supports the running community as a personal trainer focused on injury prevention.

Learn more about Karin and how to warm-up like an elite athlete at her website, www.Ready2Run.ca

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