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Episode 13 – Gemma’s 50km Treadmill World Record
Episode 13 – Gemma’s 50km Treadmill World Record avatar

GemmaCarterUltraIn this episode, the guys caught up with London-based ultramarathoner and running coach Gemma Carter (@gems_carter). Gemma recounts setting the 50km Treadmill Guinness World Record; from her training to all the technical requirements she had to follow to make the record official. Gemma details her long-distance running career which started with her first marathon when she was still a teenager. She also discusses her 2015 goals and upcoming races. Finally, Gemma provides great advice for runners of all levels, including mental strategies for tackling big races.

To find out more about Gemma’s coaching, visit her site: Carter Coaching

Episode 12 – Wes Runs LA
Episode 12 – Wes Runs LA avatar

Today we catch up with Wes Lashley (@runwithwes) who just set a personal best at the LA Marathon. Wes discusses his buildup, the course and the record setting heat that hit the 30th running of the LA Marathon. Off the course, Wes promotes various products and races and we talk about those affiliations and his tips on how to pursue sponsorships. Also find out what Wes has in store for 2015 (hint: he is looking to reach new heights)!

Keep up with Wes’s running and adventures at

Episode 11 – What Time Can I Run?
Episode 11 – What Time Can I Run? avatar

This episode is all about setting your goal finishing time. Selecting a realistic goal is critical to having a successful race. Brian and Joe review the various approaches and tools out there. From the McMillan Running Calculator to Yasso 800s, the guys discuss how to find your number.

Episode 10 – Coast to Coast with Jessica Goldman
Episode 10 – Coast to Coast with Jessica Goldman avatar

Jessica_GoldmanIn this week’s episode, the guys talk to Jessica Goldman. In 2014, Jessica became only the second female to run across the United States solo and self-supported. Along the way Jessica raised more than $27k for charity. Learn what it was like to undertake such a feat and what kept her motivated for the 3,400 mile journey.

Find out more about Jessica on her Facebook page, “Jessica Goldman Forward Motion

Episode 9 – Bradley on the Run
Episode 9 – Bradley on the Run avatar

BradleyOnTheRunTonight we catch up with Bradley Cuzen (@bjcjapan) from Vancouver, British Columbia. Bradley has been a roll lately. In the past year, he set personal bests in 5 race distances. Brian and Joe talk with Bradley about what brought him to the sport, how he stays healthy and where he draws energy for his running. And since it is still cold and snowy in much of the US, the guys ask Bradley what it was like to complete the Honolulu Marathon.

Check out Bradley’s blog Bradley on the Run.